How to build a motivated team

A hard-working team is the backbone of any business. Whether you manage one or two employees or work above a larger team, the below tips will enable you to build a motivated workforce that will allow you to increase the revenue of your business, as well as enjoy your role.

Communicate with your staff

Communication is key. It is essential that you are honest and open with your staff members and that you keep them up to date with anything relevant to their role. It’s wise to schedule regular one to one meetings with each member of the team to allow them to raise any concerns and also give you the chance to voice anything you need to share. One to ones are also a great opportunity to praise success and provide your employee with an update on their progress, especially if they are new to the team.

Recognise and reward success

Whether you work within a busy spa environment or at a smaller salon, the hair and beauty industry can be hectic, meaning successes can sometimes be overshadowed. Try to reward and recognise your team’s successes as often as possible to ensure they feel valued and appreciated. This could be in the form of a promotion or further training or simply by treating the team to a night out or team building activity. Schemes such as ‘employee of the month’ are also a great way to incorporate positivity into your business and will allow you to showcase your staff member’s accomplishments to the rest of the team, which is sure to boost their confidence.

Responsibility equals trust

Presenting your staff members with specific responsibilities is a great way to motivate them and make them feel trusted and valued. Whether you ask a senior staff member to manage an apprentice or challenge one of the team to teach the rest of the group a skill they’ve acquired from a training course they’ve attended, providing your employees with responsibilities will not only reaffirm their importance but will also help them develop their management skills.

Create a positive working environment

Considering all of the above will ensure a positive working environment, as well as ensuring you have a friendly approach to each and every employee. Take the time to ask them about their life, whether you enquire about their weekend plans or ask about their future career goals. Getting to know your staff will not only improve your relationship with them but will also help you manage them effectively.

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