How can my client maintain their eyelash extensions?

Not everyone is lucky enough to have long, luscious lashes, which is why many clients rely on eyelash extensions to achieve their desired look. With a variety of individual lashes available, from longer, thicker styles to more natural varieties, you can create a look to suit every client’s taste however, it is essential they maintain a daily aftercare regime to ensure their lash look lasts as long as possible. Discover our top aftercare tips below and make sure you offer the best post-treatment advice possible.

Use oil-free cleansers and products

To ensure infections are kept at bay, it is essential that your client regularly cleans their eyelids and the eye area. We recommend using an oil-free cleanser or make-up remover as products containing oil may cause extensions to loosen and fall out. The My Beautiful Eyes make-up remover is oil-free, as is the Priadara oil-free make-up remover. As well as cleansing the eye area, these removers will help condition the skin and lashes, ensuring long-lasting, healthy looking results.

Comb lash extensions day and night

Advise your client to comb through their lash extensions morning and night to limit tangling and knotting. The Beauty Essentials disposable mascara brushes are ideal for this. Why not provide your client with one of these after their treatment to encourage them to keep on top of their lash extension maintenance.

Invest in suitable make-up

Having lash extensions often means your client will no longer need to wear mascara however, when a lash top-up is due, clients may wish to add a little more definition to lashes. Advise your client to use a mascara specially designed for use with extensions to ensure that the product doesn’t affect the quality of their lash look. The Mylash mascara is a great choice for clients with lash extensions as it doesn’t affect the glue used to bond extensions to the lash line. Add this product to your retail offering today and encourage a post-treatment purchase.

What aftercare tips do you advise your clients after their eyelash extension treatment? Let us know in the comments below. You can also get involved and have your say via Facebook and Twitter.


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