Halloween make-up ideas

As Halloween creeps upon us, we are taking a look at three make-up transformations for you to try this year.

Sugar skull

Image 1

Over the past few years, the sugar skull has become increasingly popular in fashion and beauty. Follow the trend and transform yourself by using a make-up sponge and face paint to create a white face, then apply make-up, face paint and glitter to craft your desired sugar skull pattern.

Pop art

Image 2

If you’re seeking a simpler look but still want the wow factor, the pop art makeover is easy to recreate and looks eye-catching. Use some face paint to apply the coloured markings around the eyes to create the pop art look, then dig out your brightest lipstick and finish off with a pair of Mylash strip lashes.

Black swan

Image 3

This stunning look is all about the eyes. Sponging your face white will contrast the black swan eyes, which can be drawn on by using pencil eyeliner and face paint. Complete the look by applying red lipstick and you will have created a haunting but beautiful disguise.

Go that extra mile this Halloween and use nail art or nail polish to match your nails to your desired look. Choose from either CND™, The Edge and Orly polishes to complete your look.

What haunting look will you be going for this Halloween? Let us know in the comments section below.

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