Hair trends

The latest hair trends you need to be skilled in this summer.

With long beach days and warm summer nights fast approaching, now is the time to get familiar with the latest trends as clients look to re-invent themselves and get the fresh summer air in their hair.

Classic bob

With many celebrities including Katie Holmes, Freida Pinto, Rose Byrnes donning this cute look, the classic bob is sure to be in-demand this summer. This timeless style looks great in any colour, so take advantage of our 10% off on L’Oréal Majirel to ensure you get the look that suits your clients.

Wet look

Whether it is swept back or styled into a glossy up-do, the wet look is picking up steam this summer as clients clamour for a style that resembles them looking fresh from leaving the pool. This look can easily be achieved through mousse, holding spray and a shine-inducing spritz.


With so many imaginative styles, from fishtail braids to Dutch mermaid side braids, braids are making a comeback this summer. Effortless and fuss free to maintain, this look is perfect your clients’ who are going abroad or rocking out at festivals this summer.

Pixie cut

Chic and sophisticated, the pixie cut emphasises your clients natural beauty and is ideal for women who have an elegant face shape and who are confident in their appearance. With 20% off Wella’s styling range, you can create many variations and styles of the pixie cut to suit each of your clients’ needs.


Whether your clients are pampering themselves before a wedding or looking for something easy to manage during the sun, the variations of the Chignon will reach a range of clients’ needs this summer.

Ensure you have all the required tools and products to achieve the latest looks in hair this summer by stocking up at Ellisons.

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