Hair and make-up for mature clients

Taking age into account is vital when working with mature clients. Knowing when to adjust your products and techniques is important to ensure a flawless, youthful appearance rather than making your clients look older.

Here are our tips and tricks to help your older clients feel confident in their skin, whilst enhancing their natural beauty.


The base

Use a slightly warmer shade of foundation than your clients actual shade. This will help to make your client look healthy and brighten their appearance. In terms of coverage, opt for a buildable coverage with a natural finish to avoid looking cakey. Looking natural is key to a youthful appearance.

Minimal blush on the apples of the clients cheeks will add a youthful, healthy glow and lifts the cheeks so they appear higher and firmer. Use a cream blush as this will give a more natural result than powder blushes.

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Opt for a natural looking brow shape which compliments the client’s face shape. Ensure the colour compliments the skin tone and hair colour and doesn’t look too harsh. A pencil or powder may be the best option as sometimes brow pomades can look too bold.

Always curl the client’s eyelashes before applying mascara – this will give the eyes an added lift, making them look wider and more awake. The Mylash lift treatment is a great way to give the lashes a semi permanent lift, lasting up to six weeks, creating the illusion of longer, thicker lashes without extensions.

When applying eyeshadow, use a base to reduce the risk of the shadow sliding or creasing. Always work to enhance the natural eye shape, working in upwards motions. Don’t bring the shadows or eyeliner too far down as this will make the eyes look droopy. The aim is to make the eyes appear lifted and youthful.

When choosing the eyeshadow colours, ensure the shade you opt for will enhance the clients features. With mature clients, natural colours are a safe option. Steer away from dark colours and too much sparkle as these may sit in creases and can look too harsh.



As you get older, your lips lose definition. To avoid the lipstick bleeding, use a lip brush to apply lipstick or gloss as this allows for a more precise application. For a softer, more natural and youthful look, opt for softer shades which compliment the client’s skin tone. Sheer lipsticks are a great alternative to matte shades, – a sheer lip looks healthy, moisturised and plumper, everything you want in a lipstick!


One way to get your client feeling and looking great is to switch up their hairstyle and get them to try something new. This will help them to feel rejuvenated and uplifted.

Flattering hairstyles and colours

  • Soft/warm tones – This softens the features and adds a healthy glow
  • Long bob – Maintainable, adds volume and is always stylish
  • Fringe –  A fringe, or bangs, can compliment any face shape
  • Super short – You need a whole lot of inner confidence to pull this off, but super short hair can look amazing on the right person
  • Layers or highlights – These instantly add volume to the hair and makes it look thicker and healthier

Always encourage your clients to take good care of their skin and hair as they get older. It is important to stick to a skin and hair care routine that is right for them. Ellisons have a wide range of retail products you can offer to your clients to help keep them looking young and healthy.

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