Grab some popcorn

We’re off to the movies for some fashion and beauty inspiration from the ‘A listers’.

With so many different film tastes across the Ellisons family, we were excited about the start of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. This stylish event takes places in the sunny city of Cannes, located right next to St.Tropez, which previews new films in all genres from filmmakers across the world.

This invitation only event attracts the biggest stars in Hollywood and is regarded as the most prestigious film festival in the world.

Much like the films on show, the hair, and the beauty pushes the boundaries with the unexpected, the daring and the thrilling as celebrities express their art and themselves on the prestigious red carpet.

With so many A-listers looking elegant and graceful, the Cannes Film Festival is definitely something we will keep a watchful eye on every year.  We just wish we’d had the chance to go to the south of France and watch the event unfold in person; plus it would give us a reason to go track down Ryan Gosling, who hasn’t been returning our calls…

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