Getting the right mood for your treatment rooms

Getting the mood in your treatment room spot on is paramount for the success of the running of your business. Great experiences get recommended and relayed time and time again, therefore this will show itself in your client booking demand. It’s important you make your clients feel as comfortable and as ‘at home’ as possible so they get the most out of their visit. Your clients are more likely to return if they can unwind and reflect on their experience as a truly relaxing one. If you think about what you like to get out of a spa day and the reasons you book onto one you can relate to the client and be completely understanding of their needs. Typically, spa days are utilised to get away from daily stresses and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a time to turn off the technology and just relish in some much needed ‘me’ time. This can range from as little as a half hour treatment to a whole spa afternoon, they all require the same amount of attention to detail to ensure each experience is a special one.

It’s essential you and your business invest in luxury spa relaxation furniture and equipment to provide your clients with the upmost comfort. Such as the, Comfortflex portable couch. The Comfortflex offers the ultimate indulgence, combined with portability and versatility. With its elegant and ergonomically enhanced design, it will enhance your work settings and optimise client comfort. Or why not invest in the Salon Ambience professional beauty bed with included padded upholstery, ideal for a variety of full body treatments. Our full range of beauty couches and beds will be sure to meet all of your client and therapists needs when it comes to providing the most effective, relaxing treatments that your clients will be sure to enjoy.

It’s important to update your treatment couches and beds every couple of years as they see a lot of usage as time goes on. It’s inevitable they will see some wear and tear, this is why it’s so important to invest in high quality items that will last and be durable as you and your business continue to grow. Your treatment room is a reflection of your professionalism and dedication to your client’s relaxation, it’s essential your businesses’ personality shines through.

Ensure you start with a clean and sterile environment, of course for high standard hygiene, as well as providing your client’s with the best first impression of your treatment room. Setting the mood right mirrors how organised and put together you are as a therapist and as a business. The mood of the room can be determined from everything from the lights, the colours on the walls, to the luxuriousness of the furniture and equipment you have available to them.

The client’s experience also has a lot to do with your interactions with them and making them feel as welcome as possible, ensuring they have everything they need for the perfect treatment day. It’s important you and your employees are continually working on your customer service skills and making every moment special for your new and existing clients. The mood set by the room and you, as the professional, is crucial to client satisfaction. These are all steps you can step into becoming a more successful business.

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