French manicure ideas

For as long as we can remember, the French Manicure has been the go-to style for women in search of a sophisticated yet neutral look.

Created in the 70s by Orly founder Jeff Pink, this classic nail look has made appearances on the catwalk, on screen and on everyday women all over the world. Due to its simplicity, the French Manicure is frequently altered and edited, with nail technicians and beauty lovers putting their own personal stamp on this iconic look. Take a look at some of our favourite alternative French Manicure looks and get creative.

Glitter tips

Add glamour to your client’s nails with glitter tips. This simple yet statement nail look is perfect for special occasions and will add instant drama to a classic French Manicure. Use Lecente glitters to update the look and give your client a nail finish they’ll love.

Ombre nails

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An ombre effect is a great choice to update your client’s French Manicure. The signature defined line between the white tips and nude polish is blurred to create a softer finish, perfect for a more elegant manicure.

Accent finger

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For an understated nail look, add colour or detail to an accent finger of your client’s French Manicure. Adding glitter or gems to one finger instantly creates an individual nail look and gives the classic manicure an interesting edge. Try adding this selection of Rhinestone shapes to your client’s manicure for a dazzling finish.

Curved tips


Similar to ombre nails, curved tips can soften your client’s French Manicure, resulting in a delicate, feminine finished look. Why not add an inner curve to the nail to create a retro, 60s manicure that will instantly liven up any look.

Negative space

The use of negative space has hit the nail industry hard this year, becoming a huge trend amongst nail professionals and consumers alike. This unique take on the classic French Manicure is guaranteed to impress clients whilst still providing them with a simplistic, neutral finish.

What do you think of these alternative French Manicure looks? Let us know which look is your favourite in the comments below or you can join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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