Fibreplex – lift, lighten and colour without compromise  

Introducing Fibreplex; a new product from Schwarzkopf that will allow you to lighten, lift and colour your client’s hair without compromise. 

Colour services are a popular and daily treatment in salons around the world and Schwarzkopf have now introduced a product that can guarantee great hair condition when lightening, lifting and colouring, even on damaged hair.

Introduce this to your client’s hair routine today and explore professional colour without fear of damage in three simple steps:

Image 1

  1. Mix and apply – mix the Fibreplex bond booster directly into your lightening, lifting or colouring system. This product protects the hair from damage and interlinks with the hair fibre to enforce strong structural bonds.

Image 2

  1. Rinse and treat – apply to the hair, leave in for 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly and style the hair as usual. The bond sealer seals the outer hair surface to help achieve long-lasting strength and shine.

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  1. Retain and maintain – the bond maintainer is a retail product for your clients to use at home. Simply encourage your clients to shampoo their hair twice a week and leave for five minutes. This helps to maintain the improved quality of hair and protects against new mechanical damage.

Incorporating this colour service into your treatment menu can help you grow your customer base for colour services, increase your ticket price by 20 percent and reassure customers who are thinking of colouring for the first time; all without investing any extra time and no training is necessary.

Don’t miss out on a fantastic treatment and retail opportunity for your salon and purchase Fibreplex from Ellisons today.

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