Feel good summer treatments to add to your treatment menu

Look good, feel great.

Take a look at our top 5 treatments you can add to your menu which will leave your clients feeling great this summer season.

Facial skincare

Guaranteed to leave your clients with glowing skin and feeling confident, the facial is an essential treatment in any beauty salon or spa. A multi-step process which promotes clear, hydrated, younger looking skin, the treatment can be tailored to specific skin types to suit your client. An ideal treatment to boost your clients mood and confidence this summer.

The facial skincare course covers the following;

  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin, face, head and shoulder girdle
  • How to recognise skin diseases and disorders
  • How to effectively consult, plan and prepare for the treatment with clients

Learners have the opportunity during the course to carry out a facial skincare treatment on each other with support form the tutor.

No previous experience is necessary to book onto this course.

Bamboo massage

The bamboo treatment includes unique massage techniques using natural bamboo canes. This treatment helps to drain excess fluid, promotes circulation, and detoxifies the body. The bamboo massage provides relaxation and can also reduce any lethargic, sluggish feelings of the body.

The bamboo massage can be described as an exotic treatment, which reduces stress and improves well-being.

A perfect “feel good” treatment for clients to help them recharge and de-stress this summer

Added benefits: As well as being beneficial to the client, the use of the bamboo stick reduces the strain on the therapists hands and fingers.

Body massage

A popular and effective treatment, the body massage has positive psychological effects releasing tension and stress. Research shows this treatment hosts a huge range of benefits, from relieving tension headaches and migraine pain, to improving digestion and sleeping habits. This treatment is suitable for the majority of people, with clients feeling relaxed and peaceful after just one session.

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Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure and pedicure treatments are a great way of pampering your clients, it allows them to relax and leaves them looking great afterwards. A must-have treatment before any holiday, manicure and pedicure treatments improve the health and strength of the nails. With regular treatments, you can keep your clients skin and nails in tip-top condition.

As well as improving the appearance of the hands and feet, these treatments also help your clients to de-stress. Being pampered is one of the best ways to relax, a manicure or pedicure treatment will relieve your clients from stress and leave them with a relaxed mind and a gorgeous set of nails. A fresh set of great looking nails is guaranteed to put a smile on your clients face.

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Mylash lift

Mylash lift creates the illusion of longer thinker lashes without the need for extensions. Perfect for summer holidays, the treatment leaves lashes looking fuller without the use of mascara, ideal for beach and pool holidays as water does not affect the appearance or longevity of the treatment. The results are immediate and will gradually fade away as the natural lashes come to the end of their growth cycle.  Mylash lift can be performed in 45 minutes and can last up to six weeks.

All Ellisons courses provide students with a certificate recognised be the main beauty insurance bodies upon completion of the course. Take a look at our Academy page for dates, locations, contact details and additional course information.

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