Face Mask Frenzy

What’s not to love about a great face mask? Give your skin a boost of life with a relaxing pamper night in and a rejuvenating facial. Treat your clients to ultimate relaxation and younger looking skin with our large range of face masks for all of your client’s individual needs. A face mask is always the answer when your skin is in need of a little TLC and is beginning to look a little tired. Let your skin breathe and infuse it with goodness with our top picks.

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You don’t need to do the whole cucumber on the eyes trick to keep those under eyes looking less puffy and more awake. Why not try our under eye collagen masks? The perfect modern-day dupe for the oldest pampering trick. Collagen masks rejuvenate the skin by deeply moisturising it and boosting collagen production. Over time exposure to collagen, through reviving face and eye masks, will eventually reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Help keep your clients looking and feeling younger with these miracle working masks.

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Face masks can benefit your skin in multiple ways, and deliver the important nutrients your skin craves. It’s important to choose a face mask that is designed for your skin type and will give you the results you are after. For example, if your skin has been looking and feeling slightly dull lately then a brightening mask would be perfect to perk your skin up. There is a mask for everything. It’s important to have a consultation with your client before a facial treatment to really understand what they are after and what they want your service to achieve.


Soothe and tone the skin with the CASMARA regeneration mask which is ideal for use with all skin types to give skin a new lease of life. Unlike other masks, the CASMARA range can also be applied over the lips and the eyes; treating areas neglected by other masks and ensuring a true all over rejuvenating treatment. This mask is specially recommended for application after treatments which use exfoliators or peels. Enhance your treatment menu with this incredibly appealing service that will set you apart from the competition.

Achieve a Botox effect without surgery that your clients will lust after, providing them with a youthful glow they are bound to want to continue achieving. Because of this, the retail opportunity is incredibly rewarding to your business.

For those clients with sensitive skin who struggle to find the right face mask that agrees with them, the Kaeso calming range is the answer. Specifically designed for those with sensitive skin, this mask is formulated to gently purify the skin without causing irritation. The main ingredient, chamomile, is used to soothe the skin and leave your clients with a beautifully soft face.

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Knowing which face mask is the right one for your clients can be a tricky business. Look no further than BeautyPRO who have a mask for everyone. We would highly recommend the Nourishing mask for those clients who suffer with dry skin and wish for their skin to feel moisturised and regenerated. Or if the client is after a deep cleanse the Black Peel Charcoal mask would be your go-to, designed to help withdraw impurities from the skin for a complete clean feel.

Whilst this collection can be incorporated in your professional treatments, there is also huge retail opportunity for your clients to have a pamper night in the comfort of their own home. The range is vast and there is a mask for every occasion.

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