Faby nail treatment range

Every nail technician knows that the perfect manicure is the first step to beautiful nails.

With the professional treatment range from Faby, you can prep your client’s nails before colour application to ensure you are able to create a gorgeous nail look they’ll love. A range of top coats and treatments are also available to encourage strong, healthy nails and to make sure your client’s finished look lasts as long as possible.

Nail preparation


Faby offer a range of innovative products that will allow you to prep your client’s nails to ensure a gorgeous finished look. The Faby Oxygen base coat provides nails with anti-ageing protection, while the Faby Nourish base coat includes a high protein content to ensure weak or damaged nails are strengthened before colour application. With a correcting filler effect, Faby’s Smoothing base coat will instantly even out bumps and ridges on the nail to make sure a smooth, glossy finish is achievable.

For lacquer or gel application, Faby prime is the perfect product. This useful base product temporarily dries out the nail plate for easier colour application and a smooth finish.

You can also cleanse your client’s nails before beginning their manicure with the Faby Clever Cleansing solution. This great all-round product thoroughly cleanses the nails and surrounding area to ensure clean, professional colour application.

Nail finish


It’s vital that every nail look is finished with a quality top coat to ensure your client’s colour lasts as long as possible. The Faby top coat provides a long-lasting, glossy finish and also includes anti-yellowing technology to revive the vibrancy of your client’s nail colour. Faby’s top coat fast dry is a great choice for busy clients as the innovative formula speeds up drying time while the Faby top coat matte is perfect for client’s who want to experiment with their nail finish and try a stylish new nail look.

If you’re a busy nail technician, Faby’s drop dry is an essential product to add to your collection. Finish any nail look with a few drops and significantly reduce drying time to ensure you are able to provide fast, yet high quality service to clients. We also recommend Faby’s extra wiping solution as the perfect end to your client’s manicure. Apply the solution after top coat to maximise shine and prolong wear.

Nail maintenance


Healthy nails are essential when creating the perfect nail look for your client. It’s common for nails to weaken over time and everyday wear can cause ridges, bumps and snags that cause difficulty when trying to provide your client with the a beautiful finished look. Faby’s Nail Renew and Faby Power both restore and strengthen nails from root to tip, whilst stimulating nail growth and preventing splitting and snagging. Faby’s Nail Refix also promotes healthy nails and, by using one of these three products daily, clients can create a healthy set of nails that will become the perfect base for a beautiful manicure.

Clients can also protect their nails and cuticles from damage with the Faby Fitness Oil, also available in a pen application. This innovative product contains vitamin E for nourishment and protection and is essential for clients with brittle or weakened nails. For client’s with excess cuticles, Faby’s Cuticle Remover gently softens and exfoliates the cuticles to allow any excess to be removed. This in turn creates a defined nail shape to ensure a perfect finish.

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