Tips and tricks for Eyebrow shaping

Eyebrows can dramatically change the shape of your face. They can open up the eye and balance the face shape. It is important to tailor an eyebrow treatment to each individual client to get the best results.

Ellisons Mybrows course teaches all there is to know regarding eyebrows.

The course includes:

  • How to consult a client
  • How to tint, shape, define, wax, trim, threading, tweezing
  • Cosmetic enhancement
  • Application of product

 The perfect eyebrow shape for a round face

Add definition to a soft, round face with a high, sharp arch. This will lift everything upwards, creating an instant eye lift and balancing the features.

The perfect eyebrow shape for a long face

Straight, flat brows will balance the width of the face. Elongating the brows will draw things horizontally, helping the face to look more in proportion.

The perfect eyebrow shape for a heart shaped face

With a heart shaped face, it is important to not put too much emphasis on the forehead area. Use softer tones and lines to balance a petite chin. Don’t go to heavy or harsh as this will draw too much attention to the top half of the face.

The perfect eyebrow shape for a square face

A square face normally consists of a strong jawline. A thick, strong arch with a strong colour will equalise the proportions of the face. An angled brow also works well with a square face.

The perfect eyebrow shape for an oval face

This face shape normally has well-proportioned features. A classic brow will work well as long as you stick to the tips below.


  • Always consult your client and plan ahead before starting the treatment. This includes measuring and planning where the brows should sit.
  • Vertically hold a pencil to the side of the nose the plot where the head of the brow should start.
  • The arch of the brow should sit about two thirds of the way along the brow.
  • The brow shouldn’t end lower than the head of the brow. This will make the eyes look droopy.
  • Always steralise your work station and equipment properly.
  • Use a good pair of tweezers – we love the Tweezerman slanted tweezers
  • Apply a good soothing cream after the treatment. The Sienna X cooling creme is perfect for this, it smells great too!

If you are an eyebrow professional, let us know your tips in the comments below. For those wanting to become a professional, why not book onto our Mybrows course?

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Image: Benefit and Pinterest

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