Extend your treatment menu

As national spa week rolls on, we’re giving you some ideas on how you can extended your treatment menu.

Thai massage

Thai massage

From improving posture and flexibility, to reducing emotional and nervous tensions; the benefits of a Thai massage are endless.

Create an individual experience for your clients by offering them the choice of their preferred massage oils. Choose from either a warm and spicy aroma or an exotic floral fragrance. Each compress, with seventeen carefully chosen traditional Thai herbs, will stimulate your client’s senses and create an ambiance to help soothe the soul.

Stone therapy

Stone therapy

Stone therapy offers you an opportunity to incorporate warm and cold stones into massage treatments as well as introducing new treatments to the menu. Basalt and marine stones are used for their physical formation and energetic properties, which can offer strength, self-control and positive energies to the physical and spiritual body.



PerfectSense® paraffin wax is the new standard for paraffin based treatments, combining total portability and electricity-free heating, refreshing aromatherapy and powerful formulas to address a multitude of skin care needs.

Lava Shells


Lava Shells are the world’s first portable self-heating massage tools. A patented heating technology is incorporated into the Lava Shells, which then emits heat for at least one hour, allowing therapists to provide a range of treatments, including seamless body massage and signature rituals.


The Orb

The ORB is a unique, handheld heating appliance for warming skincare, facial oils, paraffin wax masques and hair removal wax. This stylish product instantly enhances your client’s experience and will make each treatment feel luxurious, without having to transform your product range.

Salts and mud

Mud treatments

A rasul spa treatment is an ancient Arabic bathing ritual which has become popular within spas, with clients often taking this treatment in pairs or larger party groups, providing great profitability for your business. This cleansing treatment will leave your clients feeling pure and calm, with their skin beautifully exfoliated.

To learn more about these spa treatments, our nationwide team of brand managers and trainers can deliver single and multisite training requirements, ensuring you and your therapists are competent and confident when performing treatments. Call +44 (0)24 7636 9114 or email [email protected] to learn more.

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