Enhance your skincare service with Kaeso

Every client craves healthy, fresh looking skin and, by introducing Kaeso to your treatment menu, you can help them achieve their wish. This luxurious, highly ethical brand embodies naturally derived ingredients with essential treatment formulas, providing a range of effective products that are guaranteed to enhance your skincare service. Find out below how you can cater to all skin types, from dry to oily, and offer services that will ensure clients leave your salon fully satisfied.


Ensure that your clients are treatment ready by gently removing makeup and daily impurities with one of Kaeso’s natural cleansers. It is essential that clients receive a facial that’s designed with their skin type in mind and, with three cleansers to choose from, the Kaeso range ensures that their skin gets the benefits it requires. Choose from hydrating, re-balancing and calming cleansers to give your client the facial that’s perfect for them.


For a complexion that is even and glowing, introduce the Kaeso facial exfoliators to your salon’s facial routine. By eliminating old skin cells, the exfoliators provide a range of benefits to your client, ensuring that they leave your salon feeling a million dollars. The extracts of Aloe Vera and cucumber in the exfoliators will moisturise and stimulate, giving a supple and radiant appearance.


Designed to sooth, repair and smooth the skin’s surface, Kaeso’s range of toners are an essential part of the overall facial treatment. Removing all traces of cleanser and daily impurities, the toners will clarify your client’s complexion and provide skin that looks fresh and revived. Add the Kaeso toners to your treatment menu and enhance your salon’s performance.


Restore the moisture to your client’s skin with use of a Kaeso moisturiser and give them a nourished and rejuvenated complexion that will have them smiling until their next appointment. Kaeso moisturisers will combat a range of skin concerns from dry skin, which can look dull and aged, to oily skin that needs balancing. Add all of the moisturisers from the range to your salon menu and create a tailored facial for each client.


Finish your facial treatments by applying a luxurious Kaeso mask. This product will leave clients feeling fresh and revitalised and have them wanting to make the facial a regular treat. The masks will gently purify your client’s skin, whilst offering additional benefits such as hydration and nourishment, giving them the perfect base for their makeup or further treatments.

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