Ellisons Purchasing Department: Products we are loyal to

There’s a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into bringing our customers the very best products,and so we’ve caught up with some of our purchasing department to find out what products or brands they love and why.


Position: Junior Buyer

Worked at Ellisons: 3 years

Favourite products/brands: Serie Expert inforcer shampoo and the Serie Expert inforcer conditioner

“My hair is often fine and limp so I love these products as they add strength and volume whilst still protecting my colour, ensuring it doesn’t look dull. Serie Expert has a whole range of products meaning you can perfectly tailor your salon treatments according to your client’s hair needs.”


Position: Beauty Buyer/ Compliance Co-ordinator

Worked at Ellisons: Over 3 years

Favourite products/brands: CND™Shellac™ and Perron Rigot

“One of my all-time favourite brands is market leader CND™Shellac™, I love this brand because they have a really strong brand presence both nationally and internationally and are always keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends. We often find that CND™Shellac™ has a huge loyal following and that’s because not only do they have a good range of products but also because they provide a flawless, long-lasting treatment. I also find that Perron Rigot is another good brand, they have a lot of waxing products to offer and also include vegan friendly waxes within the collection”

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Position: Junior Buyer

Been with Ellisons: Over 5 years

Favourite products/brands: BeautyPro and Barbicide®

“One of my favourite brands is BeautyPro, as a brand they are always thinking of innovative products and they manage to stay one step ahead of the game at all times. They recently brought out the hair therapy mask, which provides a whole host of benefits to your clients and highlights BeautyPro’s entrepreneurial nature. Barbicide® is another brand worth mentioning, not only are they the leaders in salon, barbershop and spa disinfection but are also highly affordable and effective.”

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