Our skincare regime

Here at Ellisons we take our skincare regime very seriously.

We know everyone has different skin types and preferences when it comes to skincare. In this blog we are sharing what we do to keep our skin in tip top condition.


Marketing Content Coordinator

I am obsessed with all things skincare, always trying out new products and trying to figure out what works best for my skin. The majority of the time my skin is quite balanced, but i do get regular breakouts and oily spots. When i know that i need my skin to look its best i follow my go-to skincare regime…

Step 1- I use the Kaeso rebalancing cleanser to remove my make up and cleanse my face.

Step 2- Then, i use the Kaeso rebalancing toner to remove any impurities and rebalance the skin. I buy the Kaeso rebalancing facial kit as it is full of great products that i know are suitable for my skin and comes at a good price!

Step 3- I like to use a lightweight moisturiser, the Strictly Professional moisturiser for combination skin works really well for me.

I try to do a face mask at least twice a week. My favourites at the moment are the detox charcoal mask and the hyaluronic acid and collagen mask, both from Skin Republic.



Digital Content Assistant

I swear by a Micellar Water. I’m quite lazy when it comes to skincare so this non-rinse formula is perfect for removing my makeup but also protecting my skin. I have quite sensitive and dry skin so water based products are perfect for not irritating my skin but also keeping it bright and moisturised.


Digital Content Executive

First, I always use micellar water and cotton pads to remove my make-up, i love the Strictly Professional micellar water.

I then wash my face and use a good cleanser – I really like the Kaeso hydrating cleanser.

After cleansing, I usually use a toner – The Kaeso hydrating toner is perfect for my skin type.

I always moisturise day and night.

I have quite a dull, uneven complexion so every now and again, I like to use a vitamin c serum as part of my skincare regime.

Top Tip!

I also love the BeautyPro brightening mask to lift my dull skin and the under eye patches before a night out or i need an extra boost.

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Digital Content Coordinator

I have combination skin that is also quite sensitive.

I like to use a cleansing gel so i use the Priadara sedate cleansing gel. This one is especially calming as it is designed for sensitive skin. As this can’t be used to remove eye make-up I  follow up with an oil free eye make-up remover, also from Priadara.

It’s important to moisturise day and night so I like to use the Strictly Professional moisturiser for sensitive skin. Its extremely lightweight so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your skin!


Brand Marketing Manager

I always take my make up off as soon as I get in, with a micellar water and cotton pads, to let my skin breathe and the natural oils to release. I then use a cleanser and hot cloth to deeply clean my skin and open my pores. I love the Kaeso purity hot cloth cleanser.

As it really gets rid of the most stubborn make up without stripping your skin.

I always use a serum and night cream (even if my skin doesn’t feel that dry) the SBC Collagen hydra-gel serum is lovely and light with added anti-aging benefits, followed by Skin Doctors Beelift cream.

I highly recommend the Beauty Pro Black Peel Charcoal mask for any congestion, plus it’s really fun to use!


Let us know what your go-to skin regime is and what products you love to use.

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