Phd™ Safewax

Learn more about Phd™ Safewax; the wax treatment you can trust.

If you’re looking for a smoother, quicker and hygienic waxing brand, you’ve found it. Phd™ Safewax is hassle free, easy to apply and the only brand to have different applicators for specific areas of the body.

Let’s take a look at which waxes and applicators are best suited for the treatments on your menu.


Phd™ Safewax offers a full range of advanced formulas and superior quality wax to ensure that your clients receive the best treatment possible. It applies thinly and evenly with no need for spatulas.

Honey wax


This best-selling, honey wax is specially formulated here in the UK. It spreads thinly and provides perfect results every time.

Natural crème wax


This odourless natural wax is particularly appealing for male waxing and intimate waxing.

Tea tree crème wax


A water dispersible crème wax which can be easily seen during hair removal. It contains the soothing and healing properties of tea tree to reduce redness, making it ideal for clients with sensitive skin.


The original and only applicator with a gate mechanism to stop contaminated wax flowing back into the tube. Each applicator is packed in a pre-sealed bag to ensure maximum hygiene for your clients.

Original applicators


The original disposable applicator is perfect for legs and large areas.

Mini applicators


Phd™ Safewax is the only system to have specific applicators for particular areas. These mini applicators are perfect for underarms, bikini and intimate waxing.

Precision applicators


The precision of Phd™ Safewax’s revolutionary design ensures that you have greater vision to give the best results. The precision applicator is ideal for fine facial and eye work.

View the full range of Phd™ Safewax here.

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