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Osmo are a UK leading brand of professional hair care and styling products exclusive to salons.

We’re taking a look into the key products within the Osmo family, with top tips and advice on how you can introduce these products into your salon treatment offering.

Hair care

Osmo have an extensive range of hair care products to choose from, including shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments, ensuring your client’s hair is in the best possible condition when they leave your salon.

The Osmo deep moisturising shampoo contains pataua oil extract and keratin complex which will provide total hydration of your client’s hair. Osmo also offer a deep moisturising conditioner which will work to nourish and strengthen damaged hair. Both the shampoo and conditioners are available in retail sizes which are perfect to sell onto your clients after their in salon treatment.

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Whether your aim is to create volume, lock shine or achieve a slick appearance, the styling range from Osmo will allow you to unleash your creativity. The Osmo extreme hairspray is a fast drying volumising hairspray for extra firm hold and long lasting control. To achieve a big volume look, spray directly into roots and hold for a few seconds.

The Aqua hard wax is suitable to style both wet and dry hair which makes it the perfect tool for stylists. To create a strong and high shine look, massage thoroughly through wet or dry hair and manipulate to achieve the desired look.

Similar to Osmo’s hair care range, the styling range also has fantastic retail potential which you can pass onto your clients to achieve a greater return on investment.

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Discover the whole Osmo range here.

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