Desert island product must-haves

Sometimes when you’re limited to a handful of products it really makes you think about your true must-haves. The ones you actually couldn’t do without. We put our marketing department to the test and asked them the well-trialled question of ‘What products would you have to take if you were stranded on a desert island?’ Read on to find out their essentials and why.

Ruby (Digital Content Executive):

“I constantly have dry lips so I wouldn’t be able to survive without my trusty Carmex. It has SPF15 in too, perfect for desert island weather!

My hair can be really dry and frizzy so I love a good hair mask to keep it tamed. The Serie Expert liss mask repairs hair and also prevents frizz. The whole range smells amazing too!

I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have my nails painted so I’d definitely need to bring a polish with me. Orange is my fave summer shade so I’d go with Electric Orange from Vinylux™.”

Tereza (Marketing Assistant):

“I think it would be essential to take bath towels to lay on on a desert island. The BC Softwear comfy towels are extremely luxurious and cushioning to keep me comfortable.

I’d have to take ORLY® Breathable in Kiss Me I’m Kind cause there’s no way I can survive without a nice neutral nail polish.

And I’d bring a mirror– obviously for being able to make a fire (got to be practical) and for doing my hair in the mornings.”

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Paige (Digital Content Coordinator):

“If I were stranded on a desert island I couldn’t go without a neutral nail polish, Manuka Me Crazy would be the ideal choice for me!

My hair might suffer from the salty sea water so I would definitely be taking the BeautyPro Hair Therapy mask with me. An essential to make my hair feel silky soft again.

Without a doubt, I would have to take a pair of ARDELL Wispies. I wouldn’t feel complete without my lashes and it saves me having to apply mascara that might dry out in the heat!”

Kate (Digital Content Assistant):

“I’ll never be without a tan and the MineTan Moroccan will give not only a gorgeous glow but also healthy looking skin.

The BeautyPro foot therapy – Perfect for the hot seasons (or when I have my feet out on a desert island) to nourish and hydrate my feet and leave them looking refreshed.

Kaeso manicure kit – I like to use my downtime for pampering so the Kaeso manicure kit is perfect to give my nails a rest from gel polish and get them looking clean and healthy.

Serie Expert absolute repair masque – masks and heat are the perfect combination so I would layer this on my hair and let it work its magic.

Last but not least I’d have to take the Sleek full fat lash mascara with me- a long lasting mascara is a must!”

Hannah (Brand Marketing Manager):

BeautyPro Charcoal Mask – I love this because it leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and clean, plus it’s really fun to use!

Mavala Double Lash – I saw result from this after just 3 days. Use it every night after removing mascara to give your lashes that extra nourishing treat. Great for damaged lashes or shorter, light lashes!

BeautyPro Foot & Callous Peel – This is AMAZING! I get dry cracked heels and nothing else has fixed it like this! My feet feel super soft like baby skin – a must have for those summer sandals!

MyLash Lift – I’m a total convert to this treatment. Reduces the need for mascara and leaves lashes looking incredible without damaging them like some treatments can.”

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Ellie (Marketing Content Coordinator):

I would have to pack the St.Tropez tinted moisturiser and primer to give me a lovely glow without the sun damage.

Tweezerman slant tweezers as I could not live without a good pair of tweezers! Good eyebrows are SO important.

The Kaeso Hydrating facial kit is a must. I’m not sure if this is cheating but technically it is one item! The Kaeso hydrating kit would be a life saver after a day in the sun on a desert island. This would keep my skin in tip top condition, and looking fabulous.”

















NAV (UX Manager):

Eimi natural volume mousse – My hair is curly and a little unruly sometimes, so I can’t go anywhere without some mousse to keep it in check. This Eimi one is great, and you don’t have to use much for lovely defined curls.

Kaeso pedicure kit – Healthy feet and nails are so important, especially when they’re going to be out and on show on a sandy desert island.

Just wax professional wax kit – It’s been years since I used a razor, and I can’t live without some wax strips! Thankfully this kit has everything I’d need for silky smooth legs. I could leave it in the sun to heat up!”

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