Déesse Professional LED Facial Mask

We are delighted to launch the Déesse professional LED mask which is the market leader in professional use LED phototherapy mask design, that will make a perfect addition to your treatment menu. LED light therapy is a treatment taking social media by storm and is quickly becoming a must-have in all beauty salons across the UK.

A-list celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Madonna have boasted on Instagram insisting the Déesse professional LED mask is the way forward for skin light therapy. They have millions of followers between them, and clients love to hear what products celebrities are using.

The Déesse professional LED mask is versatile as it can be used on clients with all skin types. It can be offered as part of a treatment package or a stand-alone treatment. It can be used on a client who is lying down on a treatment couch or with their head slightly tilted in a standard salon chair. It’s also perfect for mobile therapists on the go as its light weight and easy to set up.

What are the top 5 benefits of the Déesse professional LED mask?

  • It’s clinically proven – it has the scientific evidence supporting the result this mask can deliver
  • It suits any skin type – it’s rare to find one product that can tackle most skin issues. From spot prone skin to sagging skin the Déesse professional LED mask can tackle these areas
  • It’s anti-aging – let’s face it life can be stressful at times. The treatment restores the radiance of your skin while reducing fine lines and even boosts collagen levels
  • It’s comfortable for clients – the mask itself is lightweight and has rubber around the eyes, ensuring there are no marks to the skin when in use. The power cord also enters at the chin so there are no cables over your client’s face
  • Safety first – the mask is a very safe treatment to use on your client. It emits class one light ensuring there is no damage or penetration to the eye region. It’s completely harmless


How many treatment modes does it have?

The Déesse professional LED mask boasts 6 different treatment modes, as well as 2 intensity settings and is the highest strength mask LED output:

Anti-ageing – increases the production of collagen and elastin

Purifying – helps spot prone skin

Brightening – improves the skin complexion

Calming – improves skin clarity

Post-procedure – rejuvenates the skin

Anti-aging express – improves skin texture and tone

How can you up-sell this product within your beauty business?

It can be daunting investing in a new beauty product and not knowing how to integrate it within your treatment menu. The versatility of this product should allow you to be able to up-sell your current treatments and offering the Déesse professional LED mask as an extra (as well as a standalone treatment.)

As the mask is hands-free and is specially designed to contour the face, it lends itself to be used in conjunction with another body treatment. You can easily apply simultaneously whilst clients are having body treatments to maximise both client and therapist time.

Potential revenue generation

  • New standalone treatment – Déesse professional LED mask can be used alone, or as part of a course or treatment for client with a skin concern. Once cleansed, exfoliated and under the mark, the customer can be left to relax, while you carry out another treatment. You can charge from £25-75 per session
  • Enhance existing treatments – you can integrate the mask into an existing treatment such as most facials, micro-needling, chemical peels, laser treatments and microdermabrasion. You could charge between £15-45 per session
  • Upsell on treatment bookings – it can be applied while customers are in other treatments such as 3D Lipo, Coolsculpting or laser hair removal. You can charge between £15-45 per session
  • Create new client packages – attract new clients by combing a course of facial treatments and homecare, alongside the Déesse professional LED mask to target skin conditions that your customers may have. You could even create bridal packages, so brides-to-be can have radiance treatments before their big day
  • Create express treatments – join the growing trend of beauty professionals who have an express LED menu. Fill un-used business space with a ‘sitting zone’, so customers with little time can come in and get a treatment on their lunch break. You can charge £30+ per session


Average Treatment price Treatments per day Treatments per week Revenue per month Days required to cover cost
£25.00 2 10 £1000.00 24 days
4 20 £2000.00 14 days

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