Day in the life of the BAMs

So far in this series we have been introduced to the BAM team and discovered their desert island must-haves! Now it’s time to find out what a ‘typical’ day in the life of a BAM looks like.



“Grabbing my coffee I head out the door, with flask in hand. Every day is a new area, which I love so nothing ever gets boring. My destination can be anything from 15minutes to 3 hours, so I make sure I have the right playlist ready for my journey.

My first meeting is usually around 10am. Where I meet with the salon owner. This can go on for an hour. Discussing everything from cuticle cream to planning yearly events, there’s lots to chat about.

I would usually have 3 meetings spread across the day. Which include a stop at a drive through coffee shop. (guilty pleasure)

When I’m out and about, I will call into local salons or accounts in that area. My customers always say they know I’m coming, as I’ve always got a big smile on my face and will chat to anyone.

Being on the road I meet new people every day. Every day is a lesson, which is amazing and it aids me to support my accounts, build relationships and discuss how amazing Ellisons are. There is such a variety to the company from The Spa Partner team to the National UK Trainers. Many accounts aren’t aware of these amazing services Ellisons provide. So ill always have a spa guide in hand ready to show off our handy work.”


“Every day is different as a Business Account Manager, some days you are training some days you have meetings and sometimes you combined the both.

Before :

The first thing is always being organised as you are in a different place and visiting different salons every day, so first thing is being prepared on knowing where you are going that day what stock you need and what information will you be covering in your meeting/training.


During the meeting its very important to listen to your customer as everyone’s salon and needs are so different, some salons are therapy based where we can introduce different treatments like bamboo or thai massages, other salons are beauty based and want to offer lashes and gel nails, the meeting will be about where we can assist you in your business.


After the meeting I like to follow up on any notes and get back to the customer asap, it might be about booking a demo or training dates or simply an answer to an enquiry.

Pros to my role: Meeting different customers and seeing different salons, I love learning about everyone’s salon history and love this industry, there is always something new coming out and I always want to know about it.

Cons to my role:  Traffic!!! As much as I love being somewhere different every day we can’t ever judge the traffic and as we know if we are late for the first appointment it will have a knock on effect all day.

But all in all I’m so lucky  I love my job and I learn something new every day and  there’s definitely no time to get bored.”




“Business Account Manager days can vary, however my role is to work in partnership with my clients and help them understand the services and support I can give them to meet their individual needs.  Every client has different requirements, therefore it keeps me on my toes thinking of different ways in which I can service a client’s individual need.  I cover the whole of Scotland so have to be organised and pro-active with my working schedule and time management, keeping up to date with offers and promotions that are ongoing.  I also have to arrange different Training courses and also deliver the course to my clients, which involves a lot of preparation before delivery.   Keeping track on my area daily is essential for growth not just for my area but as a company as a whole.    Not only do I have to work with clients but also have to work closely with my management and the rest of the team, ensuring that we are working the same and also achieving our goals. Every day is different and that is the beauty of the job I’ve seen some beautiful places in Scotland that I would never have seen if it hadn’t been for my job, even when it’s raining most of the time.”


“My diary is all planned ahead and I check traffic en route to destination.

All clear (thank goodness) I try to avoid the M25 and the Blackwall tunnel at certain times of the day! Fellow Londoners will understand this.

I meet an account, have a cup of tea and discuss the business. This will include brands they’re using, brands they’re thinking of taking on, marketing plans, my recommendations, marketing ideas and most importantly how Ellisons can help to support the business to maximise it to full potential.

I try to encourage regular meetings to stay in touch and usually these are held every 6-8 weeks depending.

I absolutely love success stories and one of the reasons I love this job is sharing my knowledge with you.”

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