Damaged hair revival guide

Clients will often come to hair stylists seeking help for a whole host of hair concerns, from heat damage to over bleaching, our guess is you’ve seen them all. We’ve rounded up some top tips and products which can help you to help your clients.

Breakage from heat damage

Where possible to prevent heat damage we recommend limiting the amount of time clients spend using tools such as curling wands and straighteners. If clients are adamant on a heat styled design then make sure you protect the hair first with a heat defence spray, we love the Tecni Art hot style constructor from L’Oréal. The product will provide heat protection whilst creating volume and texture, a winning combination.

Over Bleaching

Most blondes love a brighter than bright colour on their hair, however not done properly this can result in some serious brassy tones and damage. If a client comes to you with a badly bleached appearance to their hair opt for a product like the Blonderful soft toner, available in 4 shades the toner will work to neutralise tones without altering the client’s natural hair base.

Dry/ under nourished hair

Most clients are guilty of hair neglect which can lead to a dry/under nourished appearance. A perfect way to combat this popular concern is with a heavy duty mask. An excellent addition to both your professional and retail offering, the Wella Oil reflections mask will add ultimate softness and shine to hair, whilst the white tea extract will work to condition and illuminate.

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