Creating the perfect atmosphere for your spa

In celebration of national spa week, we’re giving you some hints and tips on how to create the perfect atmosphere for your clients.


Discover the rich and diverse possibilities of scenting with Aromax; an aromatherapy diffuser. An appealing and well considered room fragrance combined with other sensory triggers such as lighting, sound and décor can help establish a positive and emotional connection between your spa and your client.

Rehargeable candles

By introducing LED flameless candles into your spa, you can provide your clients with the relaxing ambiance that a flickering candle gives, without the mess and risk of melted wax. These clever candles can last for up to fourteen hours when fully charged.

Nom living

Nom have been creating beautiful and luxurious spa accessories for over fifteen years. From pedicure and manicure bowls to jugs and trays, all of their eye-catching products are manufactured by hand; ideal for adding those finishing touches to your spa.

Esthetix rattan lounger

A must-have for any relaxation room, the Esthetix rattan lounger allows your clients to have the dedicated space needed to unwind between or at the end of treatments.

Treatment bed make over set

Create a unique and memorable spa experience for your clients by investing in elegant and stylish couch covers and towelling, which will help create the perfect setting as they receive their treatments.

Voile and cushions

Complete the look of your spa by adding voiles and cushions to help soften walls and offer simple, yet chic and sophisticated partitioning between areas of your spa.

All of these accessories are available to buy exclusively from our spa team, who offer tailored support to help you deliver an exceptional experience to your clients. For more information you can email us at [email protected] or call +44 (0)24 7636 9114.

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