CND™ Spa

Discover the luxurious new spa treatments from CND™.

The new spa products from CND™ comprises of three collections: Gardenia Woods, Bright Citron and Cucumber Heel Therapy. The Gardenia Woods and Bright Citron collections both contain a soak, masque, scrub and lotion, whereas the Cucumber Heel Therapy contains two pedicure products, intensive treatment and callus smoother.

Let’s take a look at these products in a bit more detail.



The new CND™ Spa soak contains soothing sea salt that will leave your client’s skin feeling nourished and moisturised. The Bright Citron soak is infused with active botanicals kaffir lime and honey and the Gardenia Woods soak has chamomile and sandalwood extracts to calm and purify.




Masque’s in both CND™ Spa collections contain argan and jojoba oils that will moisturise, refresh and brighten your client’s skin, giving them a luminous glow.



Both Gardenia Woods and Bright Citron scrubs contain ojoba esters. These soft beads will absorb into your client’s skin and gently exfoliate and slough away dead skin cells, leaving their skin feeling radiant.



Lotions from both collections contain various hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, glycerin and dimethicone and can be used all over the body. Available in 248ml and 3785ml, these lotions will provide an excellent retail opportunity.

Cucumber Heel Therapy


The intensive treatment and callus smoother products from the Cucumber Heel Therapy collection are the perfect products to finish a pampering spa pedicure. Intensive treatment is a therapeutic cream that helps alleviate dry and callused heels, whereas callus smoother is a professional strength serum with alpha-hydroxy acids that also breaks down tough calluses.

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