CND™ Rhythm and Heat collection

Brighten up your nail polish range with CND™’s new Rhythm and Heat collection, a vivid array of beautiful tropical shades that are perfect for holidays and special occasions. With the majority of shades available in both CND™Shellac™ and Vinylux™, this fabulous selection of polishes will enable you to update any nail look, whilst also allowing clients to create their own vibrant manicures at home. With one exclusive CND™Shellac™ shade and one colour only available in Vinylux™, you’re guaranteed to be tempted by both collections and we’re sure that your clients will be too.

Mambo Beat

Create the perfect summer manicure for your client with Mambo Beat from CND™Shellac™. This sizzling, orange-toned red shade provides vivid, glossy colour that will instantly liven up any look. Not for the faint hearted, this gorgeously hot shade will create the ultimate statement nail look for client, while providing CND™Shellac™’s extraordinary 14 day wear, ensuring your client can enjoy their beautiful, bright manicure for as long as possible.


Sugarcane is a unique combination of green and yellow, ideal for vivid summer manicures. This deliciously sweet lime shade is the perfect complement to a holiday tan and will instantly brighten up any look. This daring polish provides rich, glossy colour and a dazzling, high-shine finish.

Palm Deco

Freshen up any nail look with this luscious green shade from CND™Shellac™. A rich, forest-green, Palm Deco is a deep, jade shade that is ideal for adding subtle yet statement colour to the nail. Complete with CND™Shellac™’s gorgeously glossy finish, Palm Deco will instantly enhance any nail look, adding sophistication that’s suited to the summer months as well as any other occasion.

Ripe Guava

Clients will go wild for Ripe Guava, a vivid, cardinal red shade from CND™Shellac™ that will make a great addition to any professional collection. This rich, watermelon red will sweeten up any manicure, providing a fresh, luscious nail look. No nail polish collection should be without a classic red and, as well as creating an ultimate statement nail finish, Ripe Guava also provides a classic, sophisticated look that will suit all occasions.

Shells in the Sand

Satisfy your client’s nails with Shells in the Sand, a juicy peach-toned polish that will instantly brighten the nails and create a beautiful, vibrant manicure that will set off any summer look. With undertones of salmon pink, this soft, pastel-coral shade is delicate yet vibrant, providing subtle yet statement colour that will suit any skin tone.

Shimmering Stones

Transform your client’s nails with the dazzling Shimmering Shores from CND™Shellac™. This fabulous glitter shade is exclusive to CND™Shellac™ and provides beautifully rich, teal colour, combined with a mix of blue, silver and purple glitter particles, that will instantly add glamour to your client’s nails. Reminiscent of the glittering waves of the sea, this fabulously daring shade is ideal for those hoping to make a statement with their manicure and will also update any nail look for summer holidays.

A Splash of Teal

The majestic Splash of Teal offers dazzling shine and beautifully rich colour that will instantly enhance any look. Available in Vinylux™ only, this stunning denim-blue shade combines deep teal with undertones of grey to create this sophisticated colour that will suit any occasion. Dress up this unique polish with a coat of the glamorous Dazzling Dance from Vinylux™ and prepare to witness perfection.

What are your thoughts on this gorgeous collection from CND™? Let us know which shade you love the most in the comments below. You can also join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. You can shop the full Rhythm and Heat collection here.

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