CND™ New Wave collection

Discover the New Wave collection from CND™, a gorgeous selection of shades that are guaranteed to brighten up your client’s manicure, as well as your nail polish collection.

Available in CND™Shellac™ and selected shades also available in Vinylux™, you can offer this fabulous range within your treatment menu or retail it within your business.

Video Violet


Liven up your client’s manicure with the vibrant purple polish Video Violet. This eye-catching shade is guaranteed to make a statement and is perfect for any occasion. With rich, opaque colour and the signature CND™Shellac™ glossy finish, this polish is a must-have for your collection.

Pink Leggings


For nails that sizzle, Pink Leggings is a great choice. Add this fabulous fuchsia shade to your collection to ensure you’re able to provide a hot pop of pink to your client’s manicure that will make a statement for summer holidays or special occasions. Also available in Vinylux™ , this gorgeous shade is great to retail within your business.

 Blue Eyeshadow


Create beautifully, bold nails with the majestic Blue Eyeshadow, available in both CND™ Shellac™ and Vinylux™ . For a look that’s set to stand out, this rich, royal blue polish provides unenviable shine along with vibrant colour to ensure a look your client won’t forget.

Jelly Bracelet


Treat your client to this sweet, coral-toned red polish and instantly transform their manicure. Perfect for the summer months, this fun, vibrant shade includes a hint of shimmer for extra glamour. Also available in Vinylux™, your client can bring this polish wherever they go to ensure they’re able to top up their nail look with ease.

Banana Clips


Your client will turn heads with this vivid, sunshine yellow shade from CND™Shellac™ and Vinylux™. Banana Clips is a daring polish, perfect for fun, feisty clients hoping to make a statement with their nail look.



This gorgeous, metallic-toned pink shade will instantly brighten up any nail whilst adding an element of elegance that’s perfect for special occasions. Available in both CND™Shellac™ and Vinylux™,  Ecstasy will create a shimmering manicure that’s set to stun.

Which of these vibrant shades is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. To shop the full range, click here.

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