CND™ Art Vandal

CND™ are here to help cure any January blues with their brand new collection Art Vandal and we’ve taken an in depth look to see which polishes your clients will fall in love with.

Magenta Mischief

This bright pink tone is sure to add a touch of sparkle and draw attention to your clients nails this season. Similar to Butterfly Queen, this colour will stand out from the crowd.

Image 1


We would describe this colour as a neon light blue. Comparable to Magenta Mischief this colour will provide your clients with a pop of colour during spring.

Image 2

Mauve Maverick

Mauve Maverick is a subtle soft lavender pink which has slight similarities to Cake Pop, with Mauve Maverick having whiter tones. We feel this colour would be best suited to clients who want a soft elegant spring manicure.

Image 3

Irreverent Rose

Exclusive in Vinylux™, Irrelevant Rose offers a vintage red look which is set to be on trend for spring/summer 2016. The colour of Irrelevant Rose is similar to Crushed Rose but contains more red/hot coral tones.

Image 4

Untitled Bronze

A real stand out colour from the collection, Untitled Bronze provides a metallic rose gold finish, which will also be popular during the spring season but would also work beautifully at any time of the year.

Image 5


Art Basil

From the outset, Art Basil may look like your ordinary green hue, yet on closer inspection this polish is sprinkled with beautiful spots of pink and gold shimmers. Similar to Wild Moss, Art Basil provides a lush hue for spring.

Image 6

Sienna Scribble

Another Vinylux™ exclusive, Sienna Scribble provides an opaque green/gold metallic sheen. We feel this colour works great for art working or for one individual nail.

Image 7

Future Fuchsia

The last of the new colours, Future Fuchsia is the latest pink colour to join the CND™ line up which is sure to be a popular choice amongst your clients. This is also a CND™Shellac™ exclusive, so there is no Vinylux™ polish to retail to your clients.

Image 8

Tutti Frutti

Lastly, CND™ have re-introduced Tutti Frutti into the Art Vandal collection. We feel this colour compliments the rest of the collection, adding a whole new element of pink. Compared to Future Fuchsia, Tutti Frutti offers a much darker pink tone.

Image 9


That’s our review of the CND™ Art Vandal collection. Which of the colours is your favourite? Discover them all on our website here and vote below for your favourite.

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