How to create party season hairstyles

With party season in full swing, your clients are guaranteed to have a host of events lined up for the festive season. Make sure they are party ready by recreating our selection of glamorous hairstyles for their big night. From vintage waves to texturised up-dos, there is something to suit everyone.


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Your client can make a statement with this beautiful, Grecian-inspired, plaited up-do. This complex hairstyle may take some skill and patience but the gorgeous finished result is worth it. To ensure your client’s look lasts all evening, finish their look with the Magic Finish hairspray from Stylesign. With flexible hold, this innovative spray will keep your client’s hairstyle in place but will also allow hair to move for a natural, carefree finished look.

Vintage waves

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For ultimate Hollywood glamour, vintage waves are the perfect go-to hairstyle. This simple yet sophisticated style works great on a range of hair types and will add an air of elegance to your client’s finished look. Part your client’s hair into a deep, side parting and use curling tongs to create big, bountiful waves. Then, to loosen the waves, gently run your fingers through them and brush through with a fine tooth comb. For a glossy, perfected finish, we recommend running Stylesign’s Soft Tamer lotion through the hair to enhance shine and prevent any frizz or fly-aways.

Sleek ponytail

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Reinvent the classic ponytail for your client by adding a stylish, sleek twist to this favoured look. Before straightening your client’s hair, add Stylesign’s Flat Marvel balm to strands. This smoothing, frizz-taming product provides heat protection up to 200˚C and will ensure your client’s sleek look lasts all night. For added style, leave out a section of hair when tying the hair back and then wrap this around the hair tie and grip into place. Finish this simple look off with a spritz of Magic Finish hairspray to ensure hold and added shine.

Texturised up-do

Your client can wow their friends this festive season with this gorgeous, texturised up-do. Before styling, prep the hair by adding Stylesign’s Texturiser mineral spray to create bundled waves with a matte texture. Using a fine tooth comb, you can also add volume to the roots of your client’s hair by gently backcombing. Once the hair is prepped, fashion the hair into the style and fasten using grips. Gently pull out loosened strands around the face to enhance the carefree, textured finish of this look. Complete this look by spraying Stylesign’s Unlimitor strong spray wax onto the hair to ensure maximum hold and a long-lasting finish.

Soft beachy waves

Classic, beachy waves aren’t just for the summer. This versatile style suits a range of hair types and lengths and can be adapted to suit each client for any season. Before styling, spray Stylesign’s Twist Around curling spray into the hair to ensure your client’s hair is protected against hot tools. Then, section off your client’s hair and use curling tongs to create curls. Once cool, loosen the curls by brushing through the hair with your fingers. Add an interesting edge to the look by gripping back sections of hair or experimenting with your client’s parting. For the perfect, beachy texture, finish the look with Texturizer mineral spray from Stylesign and create matte-effect, textured waves that your client will love.

Which of these gorgeous hairstyles is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below or send us your festive hair creations on Facebook and Twitter.

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