Big bucks for brows

According to the market research experts NPD Group, the current eyebrow industry is worth £15.5m per year – a 53% increase on last year.

We’ve seen many fads come and go in the hair and beauty industry and it can be a challenge knowing which products and brands will have the best positive effect on your business.

According to NPD, there has been a massive growth in brow treatments which is down to our increased obsession with celebrity culture; spearheaded by the beautiful model Cara Delevingne and the crazy casts of Geordie Shore and TOWIE.

We love the antics from the glammed up cast of Geordie Shore and TOWIE but most of the credit for big brows goes to English supermodel Cara Delevingne. The face of Burberry, Cara has helped encourage UK consumers splurge a total of £6.5 million on eyebrow related products thanks to her famous ‘power brows’.

The brow trend appears to be crossing over to the Atlantic too, with our friends in the US also experiencing a surge in sales.  In the last five months, Americans spent $57.6 million on brow related products resulting in an eye raising 31% market growth.

With huge amounts of money being spent in the brow industry, this definitely seems more than just a passing fad and something your business should be investing in.  Head over to our website to discover the must have brow treatments and products you could be offering in your salon.

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