BeautyPro 3D clay masks: tried and tested

With an already extensive product range, it’s hard to see how sheet mask specialists BeautyPro could possibly enhance their current offering. Thanks to their new, innovative 3D clay sheet masks, they may have done just that.

This October, BeautyPro released the revolutionary 3D clay sheet masks, a great solution for those eager to combat open pores and dull complexions. Suitable for all skin types, these mess-free masks offer easy application, despite the fact that clay is notoriously difficult to apply to the skin. They also improve the clarity and tone of the face, ideal for those hoping to enhance the health and quality of their skin.

Here at Ellisons, we’ve tried and tested both masks to ensure you’re clued up on the pros and cons of these products before introducing them into your offering. Read on to find out our thoughts.


One of the many benefits of the 3D clay masks is how easy they are to apply. Supplied in two separate parts, both masks ensure easy positioning and, with a clear, peel-off covering, the clay is protected to ensure it doesn’t dry out prior to use. The masks are quite large, meaning they are suited to a variety of face shapes and sizes.

Wearing the masks

Both masks are very cold when placed onto the skin however, it feels really refreshing and provides a calming effect that’s ideal for irritable skin. Although very moist and hydrating, the clay doesn’t drip from the sheet mask, meaning easy, mess-free wear. The masks also stay on the skin well and don’t fall off easily. During use, the clay began to harden which felt odd but didn’t cause any discomfort. When testing the 3D clay masks, we found the 40-60 minute wear time longer than necessary however, it does mean therapists can offer the mask as a substantial treatment within their business, as well as offering them as a retail product.

Removing the masks

These masks are just as easy to remove as they are to apply. Simply peel off and remove any clay residue that’s left on the skin with a damp cotton pad. As the clay begins to dry during use, the masks do feel tighter on the skin but this doesn’t affect removal.


A great alternative to classic clay masks, the 3D clay sheet masks are ideal for clients hoping for an easy, at-home pamper, making them the perfect choice for retail. Due to the long wear time and excellent, professional benefits, these masks can also be offered within facial services within your salon or business.

The 3D clay lifting mask added instant hydration to the skin, whilst also promoting a clear, brightened complexion. With added calamine, this mask is great to calm irritable skin and its soothing properties reinforce relaxation.

With activated charcoal and volcanic ash, the 3D clay purifying mask is a good choice for those with oily skin types as it cleanses the skin and rids pores of dirt and build up. After use, skin felt tighter and the visibility of pores was minimised. The skin was also smoother and brighter and felt awakened.

Overall, we loved using these revolutionary masks and, due to the number of benefits, we think they’d make a great addition to both professional services and retail offerings.

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Shop the 3D clay masks online here, exclusive to Ellisons throughout October.

Feature image: BeautyPro

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