BARBER PRO: tried and tested

Multi-award winning brand BARBER PRO are a revolution within the male grooming industry. Not only have the brand released the world’s first sheet mask range specifically developed for men but every product within their offering is scientifically formulated and dermatologically tested to ensure the best skincare results. After experiencing a highly positive reaction to their post shave cooling mask, BARBER PRO have since released a variety of face masks, enabling men to care for their skin with ease and enjoyment. Here at Ellisons, we’ve tried and tested the BARBER PRO mask range. Here’s what we thought.

Post shave cooling mask

Infused with anti-ageing collagen, this nourishing sheet mask will instantly cool the skin, whilst firming, toning and reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. When opening the mask, we found it was very damp but was easy to open without tearing. When placed on the face, the skin felt instantly refreshed and the scent was pleasant without being too over-powering. Due to the added length of the mask, it also covered the neck area, meaning this is an ideal solution for those who suffer with sore, irritated skin after shaving. After a comfortable 15 minutes of wear, the mask left skin feeling smooth, plump and renewed. The complexion looked clearer and there was no need to moisturise due to the softness of the skin. Results continued the next day, with skin looking bright and youthful 24 hours later.

Gentlemen’s sheet mask

The gentlemen’s sheet mask is packed with natural ingredients aimed to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, ideal for those with a tired, dehydrated complexion. Again, the mask is very damp but is easy to unwrap and apply and it instantly cooled and refreshed the skin. There was quite a lot of excess serum but, as advised on the packaging, this was rubbed into the neck and décolletage, leaving them soft and moisturised. Once removed, this mask left the skin with a dewy, youthful glow but without any wetness. The skin felt completely matte yet wasn’t dried out. As well as providing clarity to the skin, this mask also left the face feeling hydrated and softened and this continued throughout the day.

Foaming cleansing mask

Ideal for those with oily, acne-prone skin types, the foaming cleansing sheet mask promises to refine pores and reduce oil, ensuring improved clarity, tone and elasticity. This innovative foaming mask was, like the other masks, easy to apply. However, when placed onto the skin, an immediate tingling sensation began as the activated charcoal began to react with the skin. After five minutes of wear, a thick foam began to develop on the mask and the skin felt reawakened and renewed. As soon as the mask was removed, the skin was immediately brighter and pores were clear. As this mask provides a deep cleanse, we recommend using prior to another BARBER PRO sheet mask to ensure essential moisture and nourishment is added back into the skin.

Under eye masks

With activated charcoal and marine based collagen, these anti-ageing under eye masks are great to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles around the sensitive eye area. Each pack features three sets of patches, which is amazing value for money. They are easy to apply and, once placed onto the skin, you almost forget that they are there as they are so comfortable to wear. Although not particularly damp, the patches provide intense moisture to the delicate under eye area and the scent isn’t very strong but is pleasant. Just 20 minutes of wear caused the puffiness under the eyes to decrease considerably. It also enhanced the brightness of eyes and reduced the appearance of dark circles.

Face putty peel-off mask

Different from the other BARBER PRO masks, the face putty peel-off mask has a gel-like formulation that can be easily smoothed onto the skin. With detoxifying activated charcoal, this mask offers deep cleansing and exfoliates dead skin cells whilst rebalancing oily, acne prone skin. The face putty was really easy to apply although, due to its dark colour, we advise using a spatula. It immediately cooled the skin and the refreshing scent contributed to relaxation. After a few minutes on the face, the mask began to tighten. It didn’t feel uncomfortable but it did pull the skin slightly however, this did ensure easy peeling when removing the mask. After peeling the mask off the face, the skin was left with a radiant glow and felt ultra hydrated and softened. Pores were cleared and any redness was instantly reduced.

As well as incorporating these high-quality masks into your male grooming service, you can also add them to your retail offering, allowing clients to enjoy these masks and their benefits from the comfort of their own home.

What are your thoughts on the BARBER PRO face mask range? Let us know in the comments below. You can also join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


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