A tan for every occasion

As the global leader in tanning, there’s no surprise that St.Tropez offer a product for every occasion. Whether it’s a last minute night out or a day at the office, St.Tropez have a tan to suit every client’s needs. Discover some of the brand’s most popular products below and find out how they can be retailed to your clients for a variety of occasions.

 St.Tropez gradual tan tinted

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If it’s a subtle hint of colour that your client is looking for then St.Tropez’s gradual tinted tan is a great, everyday product to recommend. This buildable lotion adds an instant, sun-kissed glow to the skin which will continue to deepen with continuous use. Perfect for adding a subtle tan to skin during the winter months, this lotion is guaranteed to give keen tanners a boost of confidence until summer rears its head again.

St.Tropez express mousse

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This versatile product allows tanners to choose their desired depth of tan, with both a sun-kissed glow and a deep, dark bronze achievable within 1-3 hours. The St.Tropez express mousse is great for last minute events as even those who like a dark tan can achieve their chosen look without the long development time. This easy to apply mousse also provides a long-lasting finish, great for clients who have an event-filled week.

St.Tropez instant tan

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Similar to the St.Tropez express mousse, the St.Tropez instant tan provides an instant glow to the skin but with no commitment. This product, which is suitable for both face and body, can be easily washed off with soap and water, perfect for those who want a temporary bronzed look. Retail this product to your client to ensure they are prepared for any last minute events. Available in both light/medium and medium/dark, this handy instant tan is suited to all.

St.Tropez luxe dry oil

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To add a healthy sheen to skin, as well as a bronzed glow, St.Tropez’s luxe dry oil is a great choice. Perfect for holidays or the warmer weather, this moisturising tan will give skin a dewy finish that exudes youth. You can retail this product to clients to use during their summer holiday or to add extra glamour to their party season look. The facial oil can also be used to highlight cheek and collar bones for the ultimate glamorous finish.

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