A history of lashes

The majority of your clients will be no stranger to mascara and the different types, wands, colours and sizes available on the market these days. Brands are continually working to discover the best, most innovative wand your clients will love, to give the most voluminous results. Beauty enhancements go back centuries and it’s especially interesting to see how these trends develop over time. The history of lashes is incredibly fascinating and dates back further than you may think.

Mascara was invented around the early 1900s and since then it has taken the beauty industry by storm. The eyes are the window of the soul so it only makes sense to enhance them. A make-up look is simply incomplete until the eyes are made up. They really are the sole focus of any make-up look, as they can emulate a host of different looks and styles just through a few minor tweaks and colour options. Mascara is most commonly available in black, ultra-black and brown for the most natural effect, however some brands have branched out with coloured mascara for a more fun look, depending on how your clients want to express themselves.

What do your clients reach for when they want an even more dramatic, lengthening look? False lashes. You may think false lashes are a 21st century trend but they actually date back to the 1940s. Taking off in the 1960s, this was the decade that the bigger the lashes the better, better known as ‘lash-mania.’ The bigger, the better as women were all about glamour and wanted to experiment with adventurous looks. Though the most iconic trend stemmed from Twiggy, who was renowned for her ‘ahead of the curve’ style.


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Over the years they have become a hugely popular beauty ritual, with the likes of ARDELL and Salon System’s naturalash range aiming to meet the client demand. Specialising in delivering the best and more innovative mascara product. ARDELL make-up is relatively new, seeing the addition of their new mascaras.They are more popularly known for their well-loved ‘wispie’ lashes that ensure extraordinary volume and thickness, these lashes are a must for those hoping to achieve superstar lashes.


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In the 2000s lashes became extremely mainstream as some of the world’s most famous faces were nailing the trend. During this time the goal was to look as glam as possible and to embrace the false lash look to the fullest. Lash extensions are worn to fill in or give the look of fuller lashes. The mass appeal in the fashion industry means that false lashes became more and more popular.

The lash trend is growing by the minute, with beauty professionals reporting a vast rise in demand for eye treatments over the last year. To many, lash extensions are a must-have in their beauty regime and they heavily rely on them to give them their statement look. 2018 saw the fabulous relaunch of My Beautiful Eyes which bought with it the remarkable new Mylash volume treatment.

The history of lashes will continue to grow and we are excited to see whats next to come in the lash world.

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