A guide to choosing scissors

When thinking about buying scissors you can be spoilt for choice.

Choosing the right scissors is a difficult decision. From offset to straight to a range of sizes, all scissors come with a variety of options that a hairdresser needs to consider, but ultimately the way in which you use your scissors will greatly influence your choice.  Some stylists choose to own more than one pair of scissors so that they can switch depending on their clients desired look and what they’re trying to achieve.

To help guide you through the various options and help you make your decision, here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing your next pair of scissors:

What type of cutting do you do most of the time?

Blunt cutting

If you do more blunt cutting, think about offset handle scissors. This puts less strain on the elbow and wrist with medium to wide tips.

Point cutting, slicing and slide cutting

The scissors are inserted vertically so think about an offset handle which reduces the strain on the elbow and wrist. Scissors with fine to medium tips and vertically curved blades such as the crane design would also be recommended.

Scissors over comb

If this is your preferred cutting method, consider a longer size scissor here with one or both blades serrated.

What size scissor do you normally prefer?

Try holding a few different sizes and see which feels more comfortable, making sure your scissors fit comfortably in your hand is essential.

Small scissors

Recommended for more detailed work.

Longer scissors

Longer sizes suits more scissor over comb work, more common with barbering.

Do you have a nickel allergy?

If you have any allergies, you may require fully coated scissors to prevent any allergy issues.

Are you left handed?

Left handed scissors make a left hander’s cutting routine more natural. This prevents the hairdresser having to use extra force which helps avert hand and wrist pain. Most brands offer a left handed equivale, so don’t forget to check.

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