A day in the life of Gemma Postlethwaite of Ribby Hall Spa

Ribby Hall Village is an award-winning 5 star luxury holiday park situated in the heart of Lancashire. Featuring a blissful spa and hotel which is an idyllic space to unwind, it’s easy to see why it is so highly accredited with its vast treatment menu, welcoming staff and gorgeous surroundings.

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a Spa Manager at a successful, fast-paced spa is like? Whilst no two days are the same, Gemma Postlethwaite’s role requires her to constantly face new challenges and adapt to individual clients’ needs. We caught up with Gemma to find out what a typical day in the office looks like.

First things first, how does your day begin?

A typical day in the life of our spa starts with our maintenance team, who start at 6am each morning, to get the facilities up and running and check that all our thermos pools and saunas are up to the right temperature. We prepare the Zen Garden for the day, which takes the most time, checking the heating, opening the awnings and laying out the beds for the hotel guests. The Management team arrive at 8am to start their day. A checklist is in place for every team member, from the hotel receptionist, through to the spa team and the restaurant staff.

Each morning we start the day with a morning meeting (or huddle as we like to call it) with the therapists and receptionists. We encourage our staff sit in the Countryside View relax room, have a fresh juice, enjoy the view and feel inspired and motivated.

As well as business communications and brand house info, we often talk about personal things rather than all work, such as each other’s weekend activities’ etc. The idea is to help our staff to relax and feel looked after so it encourages this atmosphere with our guests.

What happens next?

We then disperse to our areas of the Spa and start meeting and greeting our guests. Guests staying overnight can enjoy the spa from 9am exclusively and then day guests can enjoy the spa from 9:30am.

Freshly made flapjacks, teas and coffees and fresh juice are all provided for our guests on arrival. In the restaurant area, we have tried to bring the outside in, with the Zen Garden theme continuing into the restaurant.

How does the team operate throughout the day?

Throughout the day, the management team are on the floor. We have an Operational Manager for the shift, which the team are all made aware of so they know who to talk to should they need anything. The operational manager will ensure the smooth running of the spa and the team. They are very much involved in the day to day with our guests.

I personally oversee the maintenance and health and safety aspect of the spa and keep this all up to date, keeping in contact with the guests as much as possible. Our tasks, however are always secondary. Our guests always come first.

Have you received any accolades or awards lately?

We recently maintained the highest ‘5 Bubble Spa’ status with The Good Spa Guide, which we have scored every year, since we opened and we are so proud of this. The maintenance of the spa is one area where we constantly achieve a very high rating. The score really reflects the team here and the high standard of our facilities. In addition to this, we received an award in ‘Best Customer Service’ which reflects our very high standards. It was a reader’s vote award which means the world to us as it is a true reflection that we are leading the way in Customer Service.

What other day to day tasks crop up?

As well as the day to day, there is always something going on in the background with refurbishments and updates, interior design and keeping on top of any wear and tear. Each of the three Managers and three Supervisors in the team have a specific area of responsibility which I help them to manage in order to effectively run the operation.

Jane Tregonning, our Spa Manager, and I also look at the business strategy and revenue growth of the spa and we are constantly listening to customer feedback on how we can grow certain areas. The day is always full of activity!

How do you see the day out?

At the end of each day, the team make sure each room is signed off and to standard, stocked and ready for the following day. We always check in with the team or staff on the next shift and once again, huddle as a team to hand our guests over properly. Our Management ethos is to look after the team, and they in turn will look after our guests.

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