80 years of Perron Rigot

Welcoming you to the world of Happy Waxing™

Discover Perron Rigot, the industry leader and specialists in depilatory waxes used by beauty professionals and salons across the world. To celebrate 80 years of Perron Rigot, we are taking a look at some of our favourite products.

Non-strip wax

Invented by Perron Rigot themselves, these waxes can be applied in thin layers and remove the hair easily in a single pass without the need for wax strips. Using non-strip wax will help you to save on spatulas, strips and allow you to choose your desired texture. Perfect for all body areas, Perron Rigot offers a range of non-strip, high performance waxes, including the best-selling Euroblonde.

Strip wax

Ideal for large areas, these strip waxes are considered cost-effective due to their ultra-thin layer application. All Perron Rigot waxes provide long lasting results and 100% comfort for your clients, with no pain, redness or heat during treatments. Try one of our hottest summer products, Cirepil Naturelle wax, which is enriched with sweet almond oil and perfect for sensitive skin.

Treatment essentials

From oils and gels to lotion and moisturising milk, Perron Rigot offer a range of treatment essentials. The jasmine oils are a popular product that help revitalise and sooth the skin. These oils can be used before waxing to create a barrier between the wax and the skin, or after waxing to smooth and soften.

Join us in celebrating 80 years of Perron Rigot and tell us your favourite product in the comments below or click here to view our full range of Perron Rigot products.

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