8 things every nail tech can relate to

Counsellor, agony aunt and creator of bad-ass nails. There are many layers to a nail tech’s role and, although there’s no better feeling than providing your client with their perfect set, being a nail tech isn’t always fun and games. Here are a few things nail techs experience day to day – can you relate?

You never have nice nails

You love having a pretty manicure just as much as the next person – you’re a nail tech, after all! But whenever you decide to do your own nails, you can guarantee they’ll be ruined after a full day of appointments.

You find glitter and dust everywhere

Newly qualified nail techs better prepare themselves for the constant layer of dust that attaches itself to every item of clothing you wear to work. You’ll also find glitter in places you didn’t even know existed!

Back pain becomes an everyday occurrence

We’re constantly hunched over, scrutinising our handy work and making sure it’s 100% perfect for our lovely clients. Sitting in this position for eight hours a day isn’t great for our posture though, and it can leave our backs feeling a little sore – not cool.

The “can you squeeze” me in client

Don’t get us wrong, we’re flattered that you want to book your nail appointment with us, but please don’t expect us to ‘squeeze you in’ for a busy Saturday appointment when you call us on a Friday evening.

The “they just fell off” client

Us nail techs study hard to get our qualifications so if you’ve picked, bitten or peeled off your polish, gel or acrylics, we’ll be able to tell. Be honest and we’ll be more likely to fit you in for a fix up.

You get the dreaded thumb cramp

You’re just filing away, getting on with your appointment, and then suddenly your thumb cramps up and, well, need we say more? Ouch.

When your client’s a fidgeter

They constantly scroll through Instagram while you’re waiting to prep their busy hand or maybe they can’t resist picking up their cup of tea right after you’ve painstakingly painted their nails. Sound familiar? We all know a fidgety client.

You’re a perfectionist

Your client probably loves their fresh new mani but, deep down, you’re never fully happy with your own work because you’re a perfectionist! Yes, it means you put 100% into everything you do but even the slightest smudge or nick will make you want to start all over again.

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