6 things you didn’t know about Phd™ Safewax

Revolutionise your waxing treatments with Phd™ Safewax. This unique brand allows waxologists to offer fast, effective hair removal alongside ultimate hygiene, a must for any professional therapist. Read on to discover six things you may not know about this exciting waxing brand and why we think it’s a worthwhile addition to your treatment menu.

  1. The brand’s easy to use, patented disposable waxing heads feature a unique ‘gate’ mechanism to eliminate the risk of double dipping or flow back, making Phd Safewax the most safe, hygienic wax brand there is.
  2. . In 1996, Ellisons secured the right to distribute Phd Safewax in the UK.
  3. With three different sized applicator heads available, Phd Safewax is suitable for all waxing services, from the traditional leg wax to more intimate areas.
  4. Super thin application is required when using Phd Safewax, making it a great economic choice for your business. The average cost per treatment for one half a leg wax is 90p – this includes wax strips, wax and the Phd Safewax original applicator.
  5. 5) Phd™ Safewax originates from New Zealand.
  6. Unlike many waxing brands, Phd Safewax offers a branded heater system with slots to easily heat the wax tubes. Heating the wax in the tubes not only ensures ultimate hygiene but also means limited mess and spillage, allowing therapists to offer a professional service.

Do you use Phd Safewax within your business? Let us know your thoughts on this revolutionary brand in the comments below.

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