5 ways to use Pinterest to promote your business

How can your business benefit from this image-led revolution? 

1. Share your products and services

Pinterest is great for displaying your best-selling items, and a great tool for showcasing the services you provide.  Share before and after tanning pictures, a wonderful hairdo you’ve just created or the latest fashion trends in the industry to give your clients some inspiration when choosing their new look.

2. Create links

When you pin your images, you have an opportunity to drive traffic back to your website.  By creating quality backlinks, whenever other users link to images and share pins on various social media platforms, you will be helping to drive traffic back to your website.

3. Offer added value

Customers will come to you for inspiration. It’s great to post images of your own work and is also beneficial to pin other images that will be of interest to your customers. For example the latest celebrity trends and fashion show highlights.

4. Engage with users

Remember that Pinterest is a social network.  Take time to form relationships with your customers and try to build a community focused around your business.  Follow other users, reply to comments and ask for feedback.

5. Offer exclusive content

You have to give your audience a reason to visit your Pinterest page; what are you offering them that no one else is?  By providing exclusive competitions and asking users to re-pin your images for entry, you’re creating a buzz as well as building a fan base.

Just like moisturising in the morning, sharing eye-catching images has become one part of our daily routines.  Whether you’re an Instagram or Snapchat obsessive, the demand for quick doses of visual information has increased. The world is becoming more visual, so join in and share your tips with us below.

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