5 summer skin care tips

You can pass on to your client to make sure their skin stays flawless throughout the summer.

Your clients look to you to help them look their best and maintain their summer glow. When temperatures are soaring, the skin needs a little more TLC, so as the beach beckons and before the pool pulls your clients in, here’s a handy list of hints and tips to pass on.

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation will help keep your clients achieve the perfect summer glow.  Exfoliating scrubs or soft face brushes used with gel and cream cleansers lift and wash away dead skin cells and clean out your pores for softer, smoother and clearer skin.

2. Protection

Encourage them to get plenty of coverage before heading out the door. It can be easy to forget to apply sun-tan lotion and getting burnt is not the way your clients would want to spend their summer.

3. Lip service

Whilst most clients will never need an excuse to go out and treat themselves to a shiny new lipstick, sun protection for lips gives them an extra reason to do so.  Lip balms also provide protection, so this could be a great retail opportunity for your salon.

4. Food and water

It can be tempting to indulge in huge ice-cream sundaes when the sun is shining, but make sure you emphasise the importance of a healthy diet to your clients. Drinking lots of water and eating loads of fresh fruit will help keep skin looking great.

5. Instant glow

The summer is a great time to promote tanning in your salon.  As well as giving your clients that sun kissed look, you can highlight the health benefits of spray tanning over spending too many hours in the sun.

What’s your best summer skin care tip?

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