5 life lessons from Disney princesses

Life lessons from some of our favourite Disney characters which we never forgot.

Disney movie princesses have a reputation for being beautiful damsels in distress who are waiting to be rescued by their perfect man. However behind the hair and beauty, are some life lessons that these princesses taught young girls that are still used today.

1. Snow White – Don’t talk to strangers

Unfortunately for Snow White she learnt the hard way by completing a double sin; by not only talking to strangers but taking food off them too, something which we always remember when a dubious looking character offers to buy us a drink on a night out. On a lighter note, Snow White also taught us that guys (or 7 dwarfs) make the best friends.

2. Cinderella – Time management

Lovely Cinderella taught us the number one rule of a Friday night out; get home before 12. Anything after midnight usually results in sore feet, expensive taxi fares, a 24 hour McDonalds and a sore head which will require major aromatherapy and a massage to help you recover.

3.  Ariel – Be ambitious

The red-haired beauty Ariel taught us to be ambitious. Not content with life under the sea, Ariel wanted to branch out and explore an unfamiliar world. Ariel also taught us to be resourceful and that if you’ve lost your favourite comb, a fork can also do the trick.

4. Belle – Get educated

Always with her nose stuck in books, Belle taught us that sometimes a book is the only accessory you’ll need. Humble and educated, Belle taught us that beauty is more than just a pretty face, and that going for the richest and best looking guy isn’t always the best choice.

5. Jasmine – Don’t settle

Princess Jasmine taught us that money isn’t everything. By going for street-wise Aladdin and denying a long-list of princes, Jasmine demonstrated that she was a strong and independent woman.

What lessons have you learnt from your favourite Disney characters? Let us know in the comments.

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