5 most inspiring female athletes

With the US open now in full swing, we’d thought we’d count down our favourite female athletes, who not just dominate their respective sports, but are inspirations to women everywhere as they aim to conquer fashion, beauty and many other industries.  

Serena Williams


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With over 21 single grand slam titles, Serena Williams is regarded as the greatest female tennis player of all time. With her ferocious approach and glamorous attire, Serena has captured the imagination of tennis and fashion lovers alike. Off the court Serena has embarked on an even better career, from being the first black athlete to grace the cover of Vogue to becoming a certified nail technician and launching her own nail collection, Serena has inspired women from tough backgrounds to achieve their dreams.

Jessica Ennis


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An inspiration to working mum’s across the nation, the current Olympic and world heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis has motivated a generation of females after her stunning performances at the London Olympics and more recently, at the World Championships, where she won gold just 13 months after giving birth to her son Reggie.

Ronda Rousey


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Loved by both men and women equally, Ronda Rousey has proven that you can be both fearsome and glamorous simultaneously. An Olympic medallist in Judo and the current UFC champion, she is regarded by many experts as the current best MMA fighter in the world, in turn, motivating women across the globe that pursuing a career in MMA is viable without having to compromise on their love for hair and beauty.

Maria Sharapova


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An astute business woman and gifted tennis player, Maria Sharapova has used her talent on the court to venture out and achieve much more off it. From multimillion pound endorsements with Nike and Porsche, to gracing a long list of magazine covers, Maria has shown incredible business acumen to expand her empire outside the tennis world.

Nicola Adams


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The first woman to ever win an Olympic gold medal in boxing, Nicola Adams has been inspiring women to step into the ring and pursue boxing as a career. After her Olympic triumph in London, she went on to win gold at the Commenwealth Games and European Games, in addition to being nominated for the prestigious BBC Sport’s Personality of the Year award.

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