Our 5 favourite movie makeovers

Take a look at our favourite and most dramatic movie makeovers.

On-screen hair and beauty transformations are something that we love seeing here at Ellisons. Not only do they provide inspiration, it also ignites the exciting feeling that we’re all one makeover away from becoming the person we’ve always wanted to be. From dancing dads to good girls gone bad, take a look our favourite movie makeovers.

1. Pretty Woman

From the seedy streets of Hollywood to the posh pavements of Beverly Hills, when Richard Gere accompanies Julia Roberts on a shopping and informs the shop assistant “we’re going to be spending an obscene amount of money in here”, the scene is set. We then see the makeover of Julia trading in her blonde wig, boots and tank tops for classy dresses, elegant shoes and gorgeous red curls, eventually leaving the store a changed woman.

2. Mean Girls

Sometimes less is more; so when Cady Heron (Lindsey Lohan) shunned the lifestyle of the ‘plastics’ and reverted back to her girl next door image, complete with a pink polo t-shirt, green khakis and a cosy ponytail her transformation was complete.

3. Grease

Sandy had a complete hair and beauty makeover as well as a short-lived personality change, by going from the innocent girl next door to a smoking femme fatale in a catsuit to win the affections of supposed bad boy Danny.

4. Cinderella

No makeover list is complete without Cinderella. Thanks to her fairy Godmother, she got a custom made gown, glass slippers, went to the ball in a horse and carriage and won the heart of the prince.

5. Mrs Doubtfire

The most extreme example of a makeover was seen when short, furry and funny Dad of three Danny (Robin Williams) thought the best way to ensure he spent time with his children was by transforming into the loveable housekeeper Mrs Doubtfire.

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