Hair and beauty trends of 2018

We are waving goodbye to the hair and beauty trends of 2017 and welcoming this year’s trends with open arms. This year, everything is looking a bit more natural, undone and lived in, and we are loving it.


Skin focused

We’re stripping it back, starting with the skin. Taking care of your skin is extremely important. We love the idea of more time spent on skincare means less time spent on make-up. With weightless foundation and glowing complexions, we need our skin to be in tip top condition.

Help your clients achieve beautiful, healthy skin using the range of Kaeso products, perfect for facials and skincare.

The death of the contour

Some thought this day would never come, and we still aren’t sure about this trend. According to many, 2018 is the year that contouring is put to bed and we embrace the blush again.

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Bella Hadid is a natural beauty who likes to show off her flawless skin by going bare-faced or wearing minimal make-up. Get her look with a light CC cream, a peachy blush and some highlighter to add emphasis to the high points in your face.

Looking back to 2000

Although the more natural look is on trend this year, we still know how to glam it up! High impact, colourful eyeshadows are all the rage. Think back to the 2000s. Make sure to keep the rest of the look simple with flawless skin and a neutral lip, so the look isn’t too over-powering.

Recreate this eye look with the Sleek I-Divine eye palette ultra mattes V1 palette.

Paint the town red

This year, the edgy girl meets Hollywood glamour, mixing a sexy smokey eye with glamourous red nails. Like your favourite little black dress, you can’t go wrong with either of these timeless looks. Make a statement by combining the two!

Monochrome make-up

Similar to a capsule wardrobe, this trend is all about simplifying, whilst still making an impact. The idea is to focus on one colour, and stick to it, using that same colour for the eyes, cheeks and lips. Obviously choosing the right colour with this trend is vital, a lime green may not be the best choice, but a warm bronze or rose gold would look beautiful.

Inner corner sparkle

This may be our favourite trend for 2018. Adding some sparkle or highlight to the inner corner of your eye brightens the eyes, opening the face and creating a healthy appearance. It can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish, using a delicate highlight in the day time for a natural look, or add lashings of glitter with a dramatic smoky eye for an intense night time look.

We love Jamie’s warm eye look with a pop of glitter in the inner corner.


Textured hair and beach waves

With January coming to a close, we are already starting to think about summers spent on the beach rocking some beautiful beach waves in our hair.  This hairstyle fits perfectly with the “natural vibes” trend, and will be suitable for almost any occasion.

This look is easy to achieve and looks great on a variety of lengths. Add a spritz of EIMI ocean spritz to add more texture to the hair.


Curly haired girls, this is your time to shine. 2018 is all about big hair and natural curls.

Avoid brushing the hair out when styling, instead use your fingers or a comb to preserve the curls. Enhance your client’s natural curls with the Indola Innova curl cream. It provides great curl definition, control and moisturises hair. The curl cream nourishes dry hair, leaving your client with beautiful, natural, defined curls.

The lazy girl style

Good news! The minimal effort hairstyles are hot on trend for 2018 and we are so happy about it. Encourage your clients to embrace this trend on bad hair days and to give the hair a break from heat and styling products. This will keep your clients hair healthy as well as keeping them on trend and looking great.

Simply pull the hair back into a low bun or ponytail, pull some strands from the front to frame the face, and you’re done!

Millennial straight hair

Although 2018 is about big curls and textured hair, another hair trend of the year is poker straight long locks. Think 90’s supermodel or Rachel Green from “friends” (who has and always will be a style icon). Perfect for a night out and for more of a glamorous look, this style is easy to do with the right tools. Before straightening the hair, it is important to protect it with some heat defence spray, the EIMI thermal image spray protects hair up to 220ºC as well smoothing and adding shine.


Let us know your favourite and least favourite trends of 2018 in the comments and and on our social media pages.

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