10 foods for a flat stomach

To help you get closer to reaching your goals, here’s a list of our 10 favourite foods which will shed the pounds, banish the bloat and leave you feeling fabulous.

1. Almonds

Packed full of protein and vitamin E, almonds gives your skin a boost and stops you feeling hungry thanks to their high fibre content.


The perfect source for protein, eggs have high levels of amino acids which ensure that your body is building muscle. Research also shows that people who have breakfast in the morning feel less hungry throughout the day.

3. Natural yoghurt

Natural yoghurt a great source for calcium and contains probiotic bacteria which helps relieve bloating around the stomach.

4. Salads

The quickest and most common way to lose some pounds around the stomach is by eating more greens. Full of fibre, vitamins and low in calories, a healthy salad is all you need.

5. Salmon

Salmon is a great source of lean protein which is vital in your diet when you’re training for a toned stomach.

6. Green tea

Do you enjoy a cuppa in the morning or throughout the day at your desk? If so, swapping to green tea will make a huge difference to your stomach as green tea is known to help flush out excess fluids and reduce bloating.

7. Lentils

If you get bored of salmon and chicken or want a cost effective source of protein, lentils make a great alternative.

8. Peaches

Due to their alkaline nature, peaches are a superb snack that can restore balance to a bloated stomach.

9. Leeks

High in potassium and vitamin C, introducing leaks into your diet is a quick and hassle free way to help reduce excess weight around the stomach caused by water retention.

10. Mackerel

Eating fish is a great way to tone up your tummy as it is a high source of protein and is also a rich source of omega 3.

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